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This page outlines the community guidelines for The Sandbox Evolution's Gamepedia. Depending on the exact circumstances, violation of the guidelines can result in a warning, a temporary ban or a permanent ban. The wiki staff can be reached on the Admin Noticeboard page.


  1. Usernames must not contain any words or names that can be considered offensive or profane.
  2. It is entirely up to the contributor if they wish to fill out their profiles, however profiles must not contain provocative, offensive, profane or tasteless content. This rule also extends to user avatars.
  3. Each contributor is allowed only one account on the wiki. Operating more than one account is known as sockpuppeting. Such accounts will be banned by Administrators. The only exception to this rule is wiki staff, such as Administrators, for testing and other relevant wiki maintenance purposes, however it must be made clear on the profile of the account that it is a staff account.
  4. Impersonation of other wiki contributors, wiki staff, Curse staff or Pixowl/TSBE staff is strictly prohibited and are grounds for an immediate ban.
  5. Signatures must be unobtrusive, not larger then they need to be, easy to read and must contain your username.
  6. Ban evasion is not permitted and will result in the new account also being banned. Ban evasion is much easier to detect than you may think it is.


  1. Contributors must respect each other. Insults or personal attacks against another contributor are not allowed. The focus of this wiki is on the content, not the people.
  2. Profanity, including abbreviations, are not allowed.
  3. All contributors are expected to remain civil during discussions anywhere on this wiki, including but not limited to talk pages and discussion pages.
  4. Experienced contributors should be helpful towards newer contributors and always assume good faith. New contributors, people who don't write in English as a first language or people who have difficulty writing (ie Dyslexia) will likely make mistakes on the wiki. Rather than lashing out at them, experienced contributors are expected to reach out to them and offer their assistance with an understanding and helpful attitude.
  5. "Admin Baiting" is not permitted. "Admin Baiting" is defined as attempts to harass, annoy or encourage existing Administrators to give you some form of moderator or administrative access to the wiki. Those who are too "excited" to achieve such roles usually have a dark motive. Top, experienced contributors may be given such privileges over time when they have proved they are knowledgeable with wikis and helpful to the community.


  1. No "edit wars" are permitted. An "edit war" is defined as two or more contributors continuously editing a page to undo or replace each other's contributions with something else. If there is such a disagreement you will be expected to notify the Administrators of the wiki, otherwise all parties involved could be penalised. Administrators may also lock the page to prevent any further future edits to it.
  2. Similar to the above, "credit wars" are also not permitted. A "credit war" is an attempt to always claim credits as the last editor of a page, by editing it to add absolutely nothing useful.
  3. The pages you create or edit should conform with the Style Guide.
  4. The official language of this wiki is English. We would prefer and appreciate it if contributors could attempt to use British English for consistency reasons, but on the other hand we cannot force people to write in a form of English that they are not used to.


Vandalism is defined as acts of deliberate harm or sabotage to the wiki, such as intentionally adding, removing, or changing content to the wiki in order to compromise the integrity of the site. It is strictly prohibited. Examples of vandalism are, but not limited to:

  • Inserting nonsense/gibberish into page content.
  • Uploading offensive images.
  • Blanking page content.
  • Spamming links to external sites unrelated to the content of the Wiki.

Forbidden content

The following content is forbidden from being included anywhere in this wiki:

  • Details of cheats or hacks.
  • Details of APK or IPA files/downloads. These are illegal under copyright laws.
  • Mods or modifications to game files.
  • Pages made with the intention of purely advertising yourself or your content in the game.
  • Anything that does not relate to the game, including but not limited to advertising, role-playing and spam.


  1. Any images uploaded to the wiki must be related to the game and must serve a purpose to this wiki. This wiki is not an image host for unrelated images.
  2. Images from the game files are copyrighted by Pixowl and therefore must not be uploaded unless you have permission.
  3. Screenshots are permitted to be added to Gallery sections of pages where applicable in this wiki. However screenshots must not be used in InfoBox templates. Screenshots must also not be blatant advertising of your game account or game content.

  These rules may be updated at any time. It is down to you, the contributor, to ensure that you are up to date with them.