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This is a guide to creating or editing pages on The Sandbox Evolution Wiki in accordance with the established article styles. These are guidelines, not rules, however in order to maintain consistency across pages on this wiki as well as to make it quick and easy for the visitor to grab the information they need, this guide should ideally be followed, unless there is a good reason to make an exception. Please make sure you also read the wiki rules.

Page Types

There are different layout formats depending on page type.

You can copy and paste these formats by clicking "View Source" on the top of the pages.

General Guidelines

  • The official language of this wiki is English. Although it does not matter whether you use British English or American English, we would advise trying to stick to British English for consistency reasons. All pages should be written with the best grammar and punctuation as you can manage. We accept that not everyone's first language is English and we accept some people may have difficulties such as dyslexia, but we encourage you to try your best.

  • The name of the element should be bold in the first sentence on the page. This is easily done by typing '''{{PAGENAME}}'''. When the page is submitted it will show the correct page name in bold.:
    • For example: The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' contains wiki styling information.
    • Will become: The Style Guide contains wiki styling information.

  • All names of elements/NPCs/Etc should be capitalised. For example, Wood or Retro Soil.

  • When mentioning another element that is not the one on the page you're creating or editing, that element should be linked. You can do this by enclosing the name of the element in double square brackets.

  • All new pages should be correctly categorised.
    • To add a page to a category: [[Category:Category Name]]
    • For example, to add a page to the Enemy category: [[Category:Enemy]]. This can be added anywhere on the page, but for consistency it is usually put at the end of the first sentence.

  • Ideally when you have created a new page for a new element, the page should be added to the relevant section of the Elements table page, if there isn't already an existing link there.

  • Before creating a new page, make sure you search and ensure it does not already exist. Before editing an existing page, make sure you read it to ensure that the information you're about to add won't be a duplicate of existing page content. Wiki admins reserve the right to delete duplicate pages or revert duplicate content.

Other notes

  • "How to craft" headings on element pages are only necessary if the element is craftable. If it isn't, this heading does not need to be included on the page.

  • If there is some information missing on a page, you should add the "Missing Info" template at the top of the page. This will categorise it as having missing information so someone else can fill in the blanks. Please remove this template from the page once the missing information has been provided.
    • To add this template, add {{MissingInfo|Reason}} at the top of the page. (Replace "reason" for a description of what info is missing).

  • If there is a missing image on the page, you should add the "Missing Image" template at the top of the page. This will categorise it as having a missing image, so that one can hopefully be provided.
    • To do this, add {{Missing image}} at the top of the page.

  • The "Trivia" section on any pages are not the place for rumours or unconfirmed information. This section should provide tips and general interesting facts that are helpful or interesting to the player.